Alisa in Warland

Alisa Kovalenko
Ukraine / OmeU / 76 min / Documentary, 2015

Alisa is 26 when the revolution starts in Kiev. She’s a student of film school, but above all, she’s Ukrainian.

This film describes her journey from Euromaidan to the wa…

Bad Roads

Natalka Vorozhbyt
Ukraine / OmeU/ 105 min / Drama, 2020

Bad Roads portrays diverse human responses that empower survival through the chaos of war. Four stories are set along the roads of Donbass during the war. There are no safe spaces and no one can make…


Eva Dzhyshyashvili
Ukraine / OmeU / 75 min / Documentary, 2022

A family lives in a remote village in the Carpathian Mountains. Even there, the seemingly idyllic life in the midst of nature is marked by the war in Eastern Ukraine. The grandfather lost his leg whe…


Alina Gorlova
Ukraine / Iraq / Kurdistan / Syria / Germany / 103 min / Documentary, 2020

THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP takes the audience on a powerful, visually arresting journey through humanity’s endless cycle of war and peace. The film follows 20-year-old Andriy Suleyman as he trie…

The Earth is Blue as an Orange

Iryna Tsilyk
Ukraine / OmeU / 74 Min /Documentary, 2020

When poet/filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk first visits the Trofymchuk-Gladky family home in the war-zone town of Krasnohorivka, Ukraine, she is surprised by what she finds: while the outside world i…

Ten Seconds

Yuliia Hontaruk
Ukraine / OmeU / 70 min / Documentary, 2016

A film about people and about a city lost in time and space. About how quickly life can change, and how even after the irreparable there are things that remain unchanged. The film is based on the eve…

Invisible Battalion

Alina Gorlova / Iryna Tsilyk / Svitlana Lishchynska
Ukraine /OmeU / 70 Min / Documentary, 2017

The film tells the stories of six Ukrainian female soldiers from the front lines in Donbas. The stories paint a panoramic picture of the position of women in the Ukrainian armed forces at the b…

Inner Wars

Masha Kondakova
Ukraine / France / OmdU / 68 min / Documentary, 2020

Since the uprising of a pro Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine in 2014, hundreds of woman joined the army. Only a few made it to the front line. Filmmaker Masha embeds herself in the war zone to f…

Fortress Mariupol. Intro

Yuliia Hontaruk
Ukraine/ Omeu/ 3 min/ Documentary, 2022

Fortress Mariupol is a film series made up of recordings of video calls with fighters who defended the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol against Russian attackers in the spring of 2022. Since the begi…

Roses. Film-Cabaret

Irena Stetsenko
Ukraine / OmeU / 76 min / Documentary, 2021

A tragicomic musical documentary exploring the heights of the cabaret genre in the modern
world, following the seven female artists of the intellectual freak cabaret ‘Dakh Daughters

Fortress Mariupol.Orest

Yuliia Hontaruk
Ukraine / OmeU / 17 Min / Dokumentarfilm, 2022

“Fortress Mariupol” is a film made of the footage of video calls with the soldiers who were encircled at Azovstal in Mariupol. Since the siege began, the director has been talking with th…

No obvious signs

Alina Gorlova
Ukraine / OmeU / 89 min / Documentary, 2018

No obvious signs - the phrase, which Ukrainian soldiers hear in hospitals, where they come with physiological traumas, needing help. But until their bodies have no injuries, not only doctors, but eve…

Are you Ok?

Natalka Vorozhbyt
Ukraine / OmeU / 5 Min / Shortfilm, 2022

A traumatic experience of mother and daughter who are forced to leave Ukraine after the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022.

In Bloom

Nana Ekvtimishvili
German / France / Georgia / OmeU/ 102 min / Fiction, 2014

Early nineties in Tbilisi, the capital of the newly independent Georgia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The country is facing violence, war on the Black Sea coast (Abkhazia) and vigilante jus…

The Tower

Salomé Jashi
Georgia / OmeU / 4 min / Documentary, 2018

The Tower was an iconic place in village Ksuisi. This is where kids went when they skipped school, men gathered to have a drink, couples hid to kiss. After the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 the v…

The Things

Nino Gogua
Georgia / France / OmeU / 63 min / Documentary, 2016

Documentary film THE THINGS is built around items - simple and mundane objects, that sometimes gain exceptional, magical meaning and identity. Filmed in 2018, after 1o years from the Russian-Geo…

The vertigo Effect

Maka Gogaladze
Georgia / 2018 / OmeU / 24 min / Documentary, 2018

Georgians, like people anywhere, can share the same history, walk the same streets and speak the same language, but still live in groups isolated from each other, in different surroundings.

They a…

Postcard to My Grandma

Marina Shupac
Moldova / Ukraine / OmeU / 6 min / Documentary, 2022

Short essay film "Postcard for my Grandma" is the director’s personal reflection on the war in Ukraine. It’s a poetic postcard to the director’s late Grandma, the survivor…


Natalia Shaufert
Moldova / OmeU / 95 min / Fiction, 2018

A thirty- year old woman is looking for husband when she decides to apply through the marriage agency “Birja Nadejda”. She was the happiest woman, until her husband, Andrei, disappears un…


Sasha Kulak
Belarus, Frankreich, Georgien / OmeU / 61 Min / Dokumentarfilm, 2022

Ein Film über einen Traum und einen Alptraum zugleich, gedreht als eine Reflexion der Massenproteste in Belarus im Sommer/Herbst 2020 nach den gefälschten Präsidentschaftswahlen. Die H…

From a great height

Vlada Senkova
Belarus / OmeU / 17 Min / Kurzfilm, 2017

Auf der Flucht vor der Wehrpflicht trifft ein junger Mann aus Belarus im Zug nach Warschau auf einen syrischen Geflüchteten. Der Kurzfilm greift Themen auf, die heute aktueller denn je sind: Flu…


Tatsiana Svirepa / Kateryna Slipchenko
Belarus / OmeU / 14 Min / Dokumentarfilm, 2020

Der Film zeigt Momentaufnahmen aus dem Leben von Transitflüchtlingen, die sich in der Stadt Brest in Belarus aufhalten und in Polen Asyl suchen. Die Flüchtlinge bleiben dort von wenigen Tag…

Nora Martirosyan

Nora Martirosyan

In this film, collective and individual memory intersect: It is the monologue of an 84-year-old woman who in her childhood witnessed and was a victim of Stalinist purges in Yerevan, which also destro…

Nothing to be afraid of

Silva Khnkanosian
France / Armenia / OmeU / 69 min / Documentary, 2019

Five women meticulously and silently clear the "Lachin Corridor" meter by meter of landmines in the mountains of Berg-Karabakh. This former war zone was littered with thousands of mines. Th…