Ukraine / OmeU / 76 min / Documentary / 2015

Alisa in Warland

Alisa is 26 when the revolution starts in Kiev. She’s a student of film school, but above all, she’s Ukrainian.

This film describes her journey from Euromaidan to the war in the East. It’s a sensitive diary of young woman lost in the shaky world. Living picture of her tragic experiences, feelings, pains. 

Alisa was taken captive by separatists, who thought she was sniper from Ukrainian army. She is not just a director anymore, she becomes a participant of the events.

It's also film about love between Alisa and her boyfriend, will love survive the danger?

Director: Alisa Kovalenko

Cinematography: Alisa Kovalenko, Lubov Durakova

Editing: Weronika Pliszka

Music: Jack Bartman

Produced by: Doc and World Foundation

Alisa Kovalenko

Alisa Kovalenko was born in Zaporizhia, Ukraine in 1987. She graduated from the State School of Theatre and Film in Kyiv with a degree in documentary filmmaking. After her first documentary film, Sister Zo (2014), which was shown at several festivals, Kovalenko became actively involved in the Ukrainian revolution and the war in eastern Ukraine. Her second documentary film, Alisa in Warland (2015), was created during this time. Her third documentary film, "Home Games," has been shown and awarded at more than 60 film festivals.


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2015 Alisa in Warland

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