We position ourselves resolutely and clearly against the russian war of aggression in Ukraine, against all wars of aggression and against dictatorship. The focus of the program of the Female Freedom Film Festival is therefore on the cinematic examination of war and the challenges that arise in the wake of war. It is very important to us to bring the voices of film-making woman* to the fore and to deal with topics such as war, flight and violence as well as the situation of women in armed conflicts.



We put the focus of the film festival on the perspective of film-making women* on socially and politically relevant topics. We want to promote the visibility of a new generation of film-making women* and support the development of the young, emancipated female filmmaker community in the post-Soviet countries, which today produces a wide variety of high-quality films on socio-political issues.


Our film program shows political or artistic statements, filmic protests and reflections on social upheavals. It is an invitation to rethink the world, to question and change society. In the FFFF program we show films by women directors from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Belarus.



We see our festival as a form of activism for political, social and cultural diversity and against exclusion and neo-imperialism.

We show our program in three countries: in Germany, Georgia and in Ukraine. With the additional film program FFFF goes Refugium, we also go to shelters in Poland, Germany and Ukraine, where people live who lost their homes due to the brutal war in Ukraine, in order to show selected films, there as well.

During the festival and on this website, we collect donations for Ukrainian film-making women* and for the organization “Zemlyachky”.

Während des Festivals und auf dieser Webseite sammeln wir Spenden für ukrainische Filmemacherinnen* an der Front und für die Initiative Zemliachky.