Ukraine / France / OmdU / 68 min / Documentary / 2020

Inner Wars

Since the uprising of a pro Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine in 2014, hundreds of woman joined the army. Only a few made it to the front line. Filmmaker Masha embeds herself in the war zone to follow the daily life of three of them.

Director: Masha Kondakova

Cinematography: Serhiy Stetsenko, Slava Tsvetkov

Editing: Maxime Pozzi Garcia

Music: Jack Bartman

With: Valeria Burlakova, Elena Lubinetska, Irena Ivanush, Maria Kushnir, Masha Kondakova

Produced by: Hirvi

Masha Kondakova

Masha's work further examines corruption, women's rights, and nepotism, which were deeply impacted by the collapse of the Soviet Union, with significant consequences for the country and her own family. Her first short film, LYSTOPAD, tells the story of a chance encounter between a janitor and a thug. It was selected for the Locarno Festival and received fifteen awards from various other festivals. It was bought and broadcasted by Canal+.


2020 Inner Wars

2014 Lystopad