Ukraine / OmeU / 5 Min / Shortfilm / 2022

Are you Ok?

A traumatic experience of mother and daughter who are forced to leave Ukraine after the Russian invasion of February 24, 2022.

Director: Natalka Vorozhbyt

Cinematography: Michael Schindegger

With: Maryna Klimova, Alice Kuzmych,Tobias Ofenbauer, Thomas Weilharter, Uilleam Blacker, Sonja Durstberger

Produced by: REASON8 Films

Natalka Vorozhbyt

Natalka Vorozhbyt is a playwright, screenwriter, and film director born in Kyiv. She is the author of over 15 plays, which have been staged in various countries and theaters such as the Royal Court and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in the UK and elsewhere. Natalka Vorozhbyt is also an activist and founder of various theater and social projects such as "Theatre of the Displaced People," "Class Act East West," among others. Some of her works have been awarded at festivals ("Bad Roads" - winner of the Verona Film Club Award in Venice). Most of her works revolve around the theme of the war in Ukraine.


2023 Demons

2022 Are you Ok?

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2012 Steel Butterfly