Georgia / OmeU / 4 min / Documentary / 2018

The Tower

The Tower was an iconic place in village Ksuisi. This is where kids went when they skipped school, men gathered to have a drink, couples hid to kiss. After the Russian-Georgian war of 2008 the village was occupied by Russia, while the tower remained on the Georgian side. The villagers of Ksuisi were forced to leave and settle down in a special settlement for displaced people.

Director: Salomé Jashi

Music: Ana Davitashvili

Produced by: Indigo, GCRT

Salomé Jashi

Salomé Jashi is a Georgian filmmaker and producer. Her film Taming the Garden [2021] premiered at the World Cinema Documentary Competition of the Sundance Film Festival and in the Berlinale Forum, and was nominated for the European Film Award. Her previous film, The Dazzling Light of Sunset [2016], won the main prize at the Regard Neuf competition of Visions du Réel, as well as at ZagrebDox, Jihlava IDFF, FIC Valdivia, and several other festivals. Her earlier work, Bakhmaro [2011], was nominated for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. All three films were produced in collaboration with Arte's La Lucarne. Her production work How the Room Felt [2021] premiered at the IDFA main competition. Salomé Jashi is a co-founder of the production company Sakdoc Film.


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