Moldova / OmeU / 95 min / Fiction / 2018


A thirty- year old woman is looking for husband when she decides to apply through the marriage agency “Birja Nadejda”. She was the happiest woman, until her husband, Andrei, disappears unexpectedly. It was announced on the radio that the Transnistrian armed conflict had begun. Later on she finds out that he is hired as a mercenary in the civil war.
The war ended, but there was no news of Andrei. Years later, he returns

Director: Natalia Shaufert

Cinematography: Ion Donica

Editing: Natalia Shaufert, Sergiu Barajin

Music: Roman Borde

With: Dana Ciobanu, Anatol Durbalã, Mircea Marco, Iurie Radu

Produced by: Co-Production with ATELIER Serghiu Prodan and YOUBESC CREATIVE INSTITUTE Sergiu Cumatrenco

Natalia Shaufert

Natalia Shaufert is an author, producer, director, and editor. After graduating in film studies in 2012, she became a member of the Union of Cinematographers in Moldova, and was awarded "Best Director" for her diploma short film ANA at GIFF Dubai 2013. The film was shown at 15 international film festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand, France in 2012. She is a Berlinale Alumni 2015. After completing her master's degree in animation in 2014, her first feature film, Resentment, was released in 2019.


2023 you and me


2018 Resentment

2012 Ana